Charter Bank Challenge

Posted: January 4, 2016

We will never find better friends than you, our Chippewa Valley neighbors. And never moreso than during this season of giving. To prove the point, in mid-November, the museum's Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control system broke down. The estimate to replace it—$28,000—represented a major budgetary crisis and meant giving up on a much longer list of projects in urgent need of funding. Almost miraculously, an anonymous donor agreed to cover the full cost of a new HVAC control system. 

The generosity of one individual helped solve an immediate crisis. The generosity of many can make a stronger, more vibrant Chippewa Valley Museum. Please consider a donation to the Chippewa Valley Museum as part of your holiday giving. 

This year, year-end gifts will have a greater impact and farther reach thanks to a matching contribution from Charter Bank. For every dollar pledged by January 31, Charter Bank will contribute 50 cents, up to $40,000. A $20 gift immediately becomes $30. A $500 gift, $750. With your help, we can turn $40,000 into $60,000!

            What your gift can do:

To show our thanks for your gift, we are hosting an exclusive year-end donor reception and behind-the-scenes tour on January 28, 2016. Donors will get special access to collections storage, the library vault, and our design studio, as well as an opportunity to meet the staff and learn about how their work supports the museum's mission. We want to show you first-hand how your gift makes a difference. 

To give, download this form and mail it with your gift to the Chippewa Valley Museum. (And be sure to check the box to RSVP to the reception and tour!)

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