Chippewa Valley Museum Mission & History

Mission: To connect people to our community and inspire curiosity by collecting, preserving, and sharing our region’s historical and cultural resources.


The Chippewa Valley Historical Society, founded in 1952, began to build support for opening a museum with a display in Eau Claire’s Public Library followed by two “History on Display” exhibits in 1964 and 1965, and a display in the Barstow School in 1965.

1966 – the Chippewa Valley Museum opens its doors in the former Meader Candy Factory (now the VolumeOne World Headquarters) just north of downtown Eau Claire. Jack Arnold, president of the L.G. Arnold Construction Company, housed upstairs, donates space on the first floor of the building for use by the museum.

1967 – the building is sold, and the museum is without a home.

1968 – 1974 UW-Eau Claire houses the Chippewa Valley Museum at 129 Chippewa Street in a house they had purchased for future development. While the museum had the use of three rooms they could only accommodate the displays and a total of 10 people at a time.

1972 – ground was broken for the museum’s present location in Eau Claire’s Carson Park.

1974 – the Chippewa Valley Museum opens its doors to the public in its present location.

1976 – the Anderson Log Home is donated to the museum

1977 – the Schlegelmilch House, an example of an early 20th century merchant’s home in downtown Eau Claire, is donated to the museum

Today the Chippewa Valley Museum continues to gather memories, save ideas, and share stories to create a community that connects diverse audiences with all facets of the culture and history of the Chippewa Valley.

  • 25th Anniversary Capital Campaign
    We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our 25th Anniversary Capital Campaign, Without your support, Chippewa Valley Museum would not be able to provide the same access to collected culltural materials, or provide experiences that spark curiosity about the stories of the Chippewa Valley.

    $200,000 and above
    National Endowment for the Humanities

    CVM Foundation
    City of Eau Claire
    Phillips Foundation

    County of Eau Claire
    IMS Conservation grants (3)
    McDonough Mfg.

    AnnMarie Foundation
    Barland, Janet D.
    Charter Bank
    Xcel Energy Foundation

    Ayres, Owen/Janice
    Barland, Tom and Jill
    Blakeley Family 
    Carter, Jim and Miller, Victoria
    Eau Claire Community Foundation
    Historic Preservation Foundation-Eau Claire
    Lotz, Robert/Connie
    National Endowment for the Arts
    Owen, Dorothy H.,
    Presto Foundation
    Rowe, Sue/Dave
    Wathke, Barb and Marlowe
    Wisconsin Arts Board

    Ayres Associates
    Bartl, Jim/Kathy
    Cable, Dick and Marlene
    Cayley, Bill and Mary Kell
    Dingmann, Duane and Joan
    Etnier, Don and Jan
    Fey, Phillip and Barbara
    Foremost Farms USA
    Gapko, Andrea, Laurie and Jacob
    Gold, Walter and Gloria
    Haas, Dorellen
    Johnson, Daniel and Carolyn
    Kleiner, Liz
    Lansing, Marv and Nancy Kraft in memory of Mag Lansing
    McLeod, Susan
    Noon Rotary
    SBC Foundation
    Stucky, L. Joe and Kay
    Thompson, John and Lela, EC Area Foundation Fund
    Tlusty, Roger and Mary
    US Bank
    Wagner, Chester and Arthur
    Warloski, Ron and Johanna

    American Title
    Anderson, Arnie and Carol
    Andre, Jeanne K.
    Arnold, Louis
    Baer, Richard and Sara
    Bayley, Bruce and Barb
    Bruce, Susan
    Chatterson, Bert
    Clark, Dan and Linda
    Doyle, Marge and Tom
    Eau Claire Noon Lions
    Eau Claire Press Company
    Farmer, BJ and Bee
    Glenz, John and Sue
    Halloin, Jeff and Karla
    Haywood, Jan and Carl
    Hudson, Ralph and Peggy
    Kell Container
    Kozuch, Pam and Joe
    Larson, Ray and Betty
    Larson, Richard and Marcia
    Lasker Jewelers
    Macaul, Billie
    Market & Johnson
    McDonald's Courtesy Corp
    Miller, Tom and Ryan-Miller, Mary
    Northwestern Bank
    Norwest Bank/Wells Fargo
    Nyhus Family 
    Pinter, Jim and Kathy
    Quayle, Mr/Mrs. Calvin
    Sausker, Sue and Bill
    Schafer, Gordy and Donna
    Scobie, Peter and Randi
    Senn, Steve and Kaye
    Sherman, Bill and Mary
    Silicon Graphics
    Ullrich, Dr. Peter and Pittman, Susan
    Valley Electrical Design Consultants (Clauson)
    Wal-Mart/Sam's Club
    Zacho, Dennis and Karen
    Zahorik, Tom and Sheila

    Alf, Steve and Connie, in honor of Gordon Sill
    Allied Blacktop
    Banbury Place
    Baumgartner, Tom and Marion
    Blakeley, Beverly, in memory
    Blockhus, Bob and Jane
    Bothun Automotive Group
    Bowman, John
    Campbell, Ann and Charles
    Center for History Education and Learning (UWEC)
    Cliff, Patricia M., in memory of Donald J. Cliff
    Coorporate Technologies/Krause Technologies Fund
    Culbert, Bill
    CVM Staff
    Diel, Susan and David
    Dooley, Jayne C.
    Downs, Robert
    Eau Claire Cooperative (Bob DeBruyker)
    Fink, Dr. and Mrs. Robert J.
    Frasch, Dave and Evalyn Wiley
    Genz, Mary
    Grewe Donor Advised Funds
    Hanna, Richard and Nicollette
    Harder, Sarah
    Hoff, Roma/Don
    Homstad, Jon and Maureen
    James, Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas
    Kaiser, Sally and Jack
    Ken Vance
    Kohl Charities
    Kristo Orthodontics
    Larson, Brian and Mildred
    Lasker, Nicole and Ringsrud, Erik
    Lubs, Mr. and Mrs. John
    Mega Foods/Marts
    Mickel, Ron and Pederson, Jane
    Mickelson, John and Nancy
    Moberg, Tom
    Moore, Donald
    Nohre, Dirk and Clara
    North Central Trust
    Odell, Don and Jeannette
    Olson, Dean and Sue
    Olson, Rick and Carol
    O'Meara, Mike and Jane
    Pleasant Company
    Quinn, Pat and Sue
    Reinbacher, George/Trudie
    Rude, Toni (in memory of Anton Rude and Wanda Rude Wallace)
    Rupp, Bill/Jan
    S&C Bank
    SBC Telephone Pioneers
    Schmitt, Barb
    Schoenknecht, Mary and Bob
    Schultz, Dean and Ann German
    Schuster, Tony and Nancy
    Siker, Michael
    Sirianni, Julie and John
    Stoneberg, John and Lynette
    Teeters, Kathryn
    Thune, Louie and Nancy
    Toutant, Patrick and Kerry
    Vance, Ken and Roberta
    Vinopal Title & Abstract, Inc.
    Von Haden, Bob and Penny
    Voss, Martin and Karen
    Weinke, Cheri and Paul
    Wisconsin Humanities Council
    Wright, John, in memory of
    Wurtzel, Norb and Helen
    Young, Jack/Cleo

    Amundson, Steven and Susan, in memory of 
    Anderson, Judy and C.C.
    Ausman, LaVerne and Beverly
    Ayres, Rick and Sandy
    Bacharach, John and Hilde
    Baltes, Lori and John
    Bartingale, Jack and Carol
    Bean, William and Edwina
    Benson, Amy and Bill
    Berg, Wes (Anon)
    Berthold, John and Diane
    Biesterveld & Company, LLC
    Blakeley, Bev/Erv
    Blakeley, Brian and Mary
    Bors, Adam and Ada
    Boyken, William and Muriel
    Bruckner, Tom and Joyce
    Bushendorf, Fredric and Marilyn
    Cattau, David and Eileen
    Citizens Community Credit
    Coy, Richard and Luanne
    Dell Construction
    Duax, David and Kathy
    Duyfhuizen, Louise
    Dykema, Harold and Nelva
    Eau Claire County HCE 
    Eau Claire Golden K Kiwanis
    Eau Claire Women's Club
    Enders, Gene and Peg
    Endres, Steve and Kelly
    Erickson, Linda/Steve
    Esser Glass and Paint
    Evans, Lorraine
    Fasching, Ruth, in memory of Jack Fasching
    Finstad, Victoria and Eunice
    Foote, Mary and Jerry
    Forster, Chuck and Joan
    Foster Abstract & Title
    Fraser, Bob and Jane
    Glasshof, Keith and Gretchen
    Gough, Robert and Deborah
    Guettinger, Irma and Ralph
    Halldeen, Roy and Peg
    Halloin, Robert and Kay
    Hart, Web and Bonnie
    Hazelton, Dick and Jean
    Hebert, Dick and Karen
    Heinz Psychological Services
    Helland, Lois and Mark
    Herrick, Hart, et al
    Hicks, Ed and Beth
    Hilbrich, Paul and Virginia
    Hillside Dental
    Huebsch/Vaudreuil Family
    Hutterli, Conrad and Mary Ellen
    Johnson, Lila
    Jones, Jeff and Karen
    Kaas, Elliott
    Kaiser, Nell
    Kaiser, Steve and Lucy
    Kell, John and Betsy
    Kiwanis Club-Noon of Eau Claire
    Krause, Robert and Lois
    Lawler, John and Mary Flynn
    Malkson, Bill and Connie, in memory of Helen Brown
    Manz, Carl and Diane
    Manz, Jim and Sharon
    Market, Peg
    Mathison, Don and Leatrice
    Mattson, James G. and Rebecca M.
    Maverick Media
    McClellan, Roselaine
    Merriam, Louise and Oberly, Jim
    Mittag, Dan and Karen
    Moessner, Jim and Nancy, in memory of Karl and EmmyLou Moessner
    Morris, John
    Motto, Joy and Joe
    Nelson, Suzanne and Robert
    Nielsen, William and Burgess, Sarah
    Noon Exchange Club
    Norby, JC and Associates
    Orth, Mr. and Mrs. Marlo
    Osberg, Randi and Laurie
    PDM Bridge
    Peters, Wayne and Marge
    Pozarski, William and Mary Ann
    Pritchett, Milo and Carolyn
    Reidinger, Tom and Jocelyn
    Retallick, Sam and Alice
    Riley, Lois and Neil
    Ripeckyj, Yuri and Natalia
    Royal Construction
    Ryberg, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
    Satre, John and Tami
    SDS Architects
    Silver Feather
    Silver Springs/Huntsinger Farms
    Speckien, Jerry and Beth
    Spielman, Marvin and Kate
    Stangel, Mike
    TEC Design, Inc.
    Templin, Al and Judy
    Tibbetts, Robert and Marguerite
    Torgerson, John W. and Rita R.
    Tourville, Sonya and Gary
    Troy, Mike, in memory of
    Vetsch, Lisa, Darren and Dyllon
    Welsh, Mike and Vicki
    Wendt, Charles and Florence, in memory of
    Western Wisconsin Urology, S.C.
    Wick, Marshall and Carol
    Willson, Lorraine Larson
    Wisconsin Focus on Energy

    Adler, Helen
    Ahlstrom, Muriel
    Alexander, James and Karen
    Alfuth, Sharon and Richard
    All Season Tire Co.
    Allen, Patricia B. (Bugher, Virginia, and Kaiser, Nell, in memory of )
    Ambers, Mary Jane (Ameritech Match)
    Anderson, David and Kathy (in honor of Arnie and Carol Anderson)
    Anderson, David G. and Carol L.
    Anderson/Moessner Appraisal
    Andre, Robert, in memory of 
    Andresen, Karl and Helen
    Angell, David and Joan
    Ark Animal Hospital 
    Arntson, David and Marlene
    Attermeier, Kathleen and Mark 
    Automation Displays, Inc.
    Badger Custom Windows
    Baird, R. W., Inc.
    Barstad, Roger and Dorothy
    Bartynski, Jeffrey and Lori
    Bauer, Charlie and Lucy
    Becker, Ruth
    Bee Family, Robert
    Belka, Ed and Jackie
    Benish, Paul J.
    Bernicke, Burnett
    Bissell, Preston and Mary Kay
    Blink, Donald and Christie
    Boettcher, Beverly J.
    Bollinger, Jim and Marilyn
    Bryce, Carolyn
    Buechler, Kelly and Roxie
    Caillier, Paul and Linda
    Campen, Mrs. George
    Carlson, Kurt and Ruth
    Carroll, Mary Helene
    Carroll, Pat and Mike
    Casey, Ardys
    Chamberlain, Oscar, and Patrick, Sue
    Chan, Jules and Carol
    Chappell, Evelyn I. and Richard E.
    Charlson's/Charlson, Barbara and Stu
    Clark, Denny and Mary
    Clark, Tom and Wilma
    Clauson, Barbara
    Cliff, Don and Patricia
    Commonweal Development Corporation
    Cooke, Kermit
    Davis, Joyce and Jim
    Dick, Beverly and R. Dale
    Dixon, John and Mary C.
    Drehmel, Dr. Gerald and Enid
    Dresden, William
    Eau Claire Association of Educators
    Eau Claire Labor Council
    Eau Claire Lodge B.P.O.E.
    Ediger, Stan and Ingle, Jo
    Edson, Jane and Jack
    Ellickson, Donald and Marion
    Elliott, Ann and Robert
    Elvig, Burt and Ruth (Anon)
    Erickson, Flo and Gene
    Esse, Robert
    Faanes, Mark and Donna
    Fairbanks, Carol
    Fay, Mark and Ila
    Feeney, Richard
    Felton, Elmer and Ann
    Fey, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Ray
    Fieber, Phillip C. and Gail Johnson
    First Supply
    Flesch, David, and Larson, Theresa
    Foster, Kate and Marvin
    Franche, Virginia Elwood
    Frazee, Bob and Bea
    Gagnon, George and Kim 
    Garvey, Jim and Louise
    Genealogical Research Society of Eau Claire
    Gilbertson, Dorothy
    Gilleland, Mike and Rebecca
    Goldsmith, Joe and Mary
    Goodall, Neil
    Graaskamp, Joanne
    Graff, Harold
    Greene, Dick and Judy
    Grengs, Gene
    Grohn, Clifford
    Grosvold, Betty J.
    Grugel, Fran
    Hager, Jim - WRR
    Hagg, Lillian J.
    Haney, Verna M.
    Harder, Harry
    Hartz, Lyth and Verna, in memory of
    Haugsby, Mark and Marlene
    Hehl-Grohn Co., Inc.
    Heike, Frances
    Henke, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick
    Hesse, Donald and Eleanor
    Heywood, Ann and Stanley, Gene
    Hirsch, Tim and Karen
    Hittman, Laurie and Jim
    Horecki, Richard and Patricia
    Houser, Bob and Kay
    Hubert, Charlotte
    Hutchinson Technology, Inc.
    Hutterli, Gretchen and Erffmeyer, Robert
    Jackson Agency
    Jankowski, Bob
    Jarocki, John and Luella
    Jensen, Fred and Dorothy
    Joas, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
    Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce
    Johnson, Steve and Brenda
    Jones, Elizabeth A.
    Julsrud, Ann and James
    Jurmain, Richard and Mary
    Kaeding, Rachel
    Kaufman, Newton Pat
    Kelly, Cindy and Steve
    Kennedy, Kathryn
    Kielpinski, Ron and Mary
    Kiwanis Club-Early Risers
    Kiwanis Club-Indianhead
    Knutson, Dennis and Dittmar, Carol
    Korn, Bill and Carol
    Krigsvold, Evelyn
    Kurtz, Mildred
    LaFave, Judy
    Lakeshore Elementary PTA
    Leppert, Sharon and Jeff
    Lewis, Patricia
    Lindoo, Max and Marie
    Linn, Brad and Caryn
    Lippold, Judith and Henry
    Litchfield, Don and Wright, Shirley
    Lochner-Wright, Doug and Cheryl
    Lokken, John and Jane
    MacLeod, Arthur
    Magyar, Rick and Palas, Lyria
    Mallow, Lew
    Marshall, Terry and Johnson, Leslie
    Matter, Richard and Kathleen
    Matz, Harold and Lois
    Mayer, Leland 
    McAdam, Eugene and Arlene
    McAfee, Ardis
    McEnany, Terry
    McKinley, M
    McManus, Marjorie K.
    Menard, Larry and Dawn
    Mercier, Mrs. Donald
    Mettler, Jack/Margo
    Meyer, Sandy
    Mickelson, David S. and Jean
    Midwest Eye Lab, Inc.
    Miller, Mike and Kris
    Minnesota Wire & Cable Co.
    Molldrem, Nathan and Nancy
    Moore, Greg and Emily
    Munden, Todd and Peggy
    Myrman, Mark and Marci O'Brien
    Nichols, James 
    Nijhawan, Vinay and Angela
    Nohre & Co, SC
    Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital
    Ochrymowycz, Dr. Leo and Judy
    O'Halloran, Michael and Martha
    Olson, Harold K.
    Olson, James and Margaret
    Olson, Warren R.
    Orgel, Mark and Tammy
    Pearson, Doug and Sue
    Pearson, Thomas and Leslie
    Pedersen, Tom and Karen
    Peterka, Tim and Melanie 
    Peters, Ted and Karen
    Peterson, Jean and Gregg (memory of Ruth Allen)
    Peterson, Mike and Kathy
    Phi Alpha Theta
    Phillips, Don 
    Piltz, Richard and Mary
    Pladziewicz, Jack and Barbara
    Plaza Hotel & Suites
    Polenz, Rudy
    Poquette, Jeanne
    Prime Mechanical
    Prondzinski, Jerry and Delores
    Quarberg, Charlotte
    Quigley, Tom and Jaci
    Reineke, Wm and Sharon
    Reitz, Cathy and Jeff
    Richards, Jerry and LeeAnn
    Riebe, Dan and Jenny
    Rogstad, Betty
    Roy, Kathie
    Ryberg, Drew and Mary
    Sattem, David and Geraldine
    Schaaf, John and Nancy
    Schanen, Joan H.
    Schauer, Karen and Hollis
    Scheuermann, Jeanette
    Schneider, Robert and Gail
    Schulenberg, Delores/Wallie
    Schwahn, Stephen
    Schwartz. Betty and Gerald
    Schwarzmeier, James and Judith
    Senn Blacktop
    Seymour, Pete and Phyllis
    Shadick, Dorin
    Sharp Photo and Portrait
    Shiffer, Cora (Anonymous)
    Simpson, John
    Sinz, Delana and Randy 
    Smith, Agnes
    Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Donald
    Snudden, Birdell and Judy
    Solberg, Jackie and Lamoine 
    Solberg, Marvin and Leatrice 
    Spak, Dr. Michael and Nancy
    St. Arnault, Glenn C. and Judith A.
    St. Louis, Dr. and Mrs. Ken
    Stangl, Michael and Jennifer
    Stark, Shirley
    Stewart, Ellis and Mary
    Stolder, Mary Ellen
    Sundby, Elmer 
    Sunrise Exchange
    Swanson, Eric and Dr. La Vonne J. Cornell-Swanson
    Syth, Bea, in memory of
    Taves, Barbara
    Terwilliger, Ellen and Steve
    Theisen, J., Inc.
    Thiel, William and Barbara
    Thorpe, Gloria
    Tierney, Beverly and Don
    Tietge, Cozy
    Utegaard, Rolf and Sharon
    Van Gorden, Skip and Jane
    Voss, Susan Hillman
    Vowels, Carroll and Sandy
    Wagner, Paul and Cindy Schlosser
    Walker, Kerm and June
    Walter, Dr. Bill and Vonnie
    Wangen, Warren and Vonnie
    Warren, Sandra Stensland and Donald C. Warren
    Webb, Gladys
    Weil, Jane and Wallace
    Wiersgalla, Stephanie
    Wisconsin Auto and Truck Dealers Association
    Wogahn, Drs. Brent M. and Kristin S.
    Woodburn, Jayne
    Woodward, Karen
    Zehms, Keith and Deb
    Zeug, Barbara
    Ziemann, Richard