Children's Programs

Whether it's history, math, science, or football, the best way to learn is to do. Chippewa Valley Museum offers fun, engaging programs for kids to get them involved in playing, learning, and knowing more about the world around them. 

  • Museum Explorers 2019: Summer Programs for 3-5 Year Olds

    Explorers programs are offered at $8 per session (ask about discounts for museum members). Contact Karen Jacobson to register for any of these programs. 

     Explorers Brochure

    All Programs Run from 10:30 am to 11:30 am on the Date Specified:

    Let's celebrate | tuesday, june 25

    Explore holiday and family traditions from different cultures, prepare for the Fourth of July with a fireworks painting project, and try wild rice, lefse, and egg rolls to sample foods made by people who call this place home.

    animal adventures | Tuesday, July 16

    Meet the many different critters in our exhibits, learn how animals helped people in the past and today, sculpt your own special pet out of clay, and enjoy an animal crackers-and-moo juice break. 

    on the move | Tuesday, july 23

    Discover how people traveled long ago by looking at early canoes, steamboats, and vintage vehicles in our exhibits. Play the traffic light game to practie your road safety skills, then refuel with a yummy DIY trail mix snack. 

    gimme shelter| Tuesday, july 30

    Go on a parade of homes tour to see how families lived in earlier times, then play I Spy with four stories of museum dollhouse miniatures. After making a decorative bird house for a pretend feathered friend, build your own cheese-and-cracker house to eat. 

    Mini Music Makers| Friday, August 9 

    Learn how people have played and experienced music, visit with professional guest musicians Serena O’Meara and Bethany Shuda, try out their harps and enjoy a quick concert. Then celebrate afterwards with a treat in our ice cream parlor.

  • Time Travelers 2020: Summer Programs for 6-12 Year Olds

    Time Travelers programs are offered at $8 per session + material fees. Students living within Eau Claire Area School District (ECASD) boundaries, and Chippewa Valley Museum members can participate at the cost of materials. Session fees for ECASD students are provided by ECASD. Contact Karen Jacobson to register for any of these programs. 

    All Programs Run from 10:30am- 12 pm OR 2pm- 3:30 pm on the Date Specified:

    June 24 - Architect Adventures | materials provided by Patricia Hawkenson

    at the historic Schlegelmilch House | 517 S. Farwell St., Eau Claire
    Study secret spaces of a local landmark, and meet local artist Patricia Hawkenson who will help you create an urban sketch and stained glass inspired design to take home.

    July 8 - History Foodies | $3 for Materials

    Research vintage recipes to figure out what your ancestors ate, and design a menu for 19th, 20th, and 21st century tastes. You’ll learn about food preservation, the art of canning, and take home a mason jar full of refrigerator pickles.

    July 15 - Inventor’s Workshop | $4 for Materials

    Test out vintage toys to unlock how they work, go on an exclusive tour of the mysterious “Building D”, see if you can Guess the Gizmo to win a prize, and build a Cinch Puzzle to entertain your friends and family.

    July 31 - Digging Up the Past | $4 for Materials

    Examine a real mammoth tooth and other early artifacts, then explore experimental archeology to see how people made rope from cordage, use your own fossil kit to mold a replica from clay, and mix up a dirt pudding snack.

    July 29 - Homesteaders | $4 for Materials

    Go “off-grid” with a visit to an 1860’s log home where you’ll find out how to card and spin wool to make clothes, and test out an antique wringer machine for washing them. You’ll make a sample sized bar of soap and take your soap making kit home with you.

    August 5 - Sounds of Home | $3 for Materials

    Check out the museum’s newest, music-themed exhibit to celebrate local music - past and present. Build and decorate your own spin drum, and join in an “All Star Jam”.

    A good old fashioned sack race