Storage Needed for Woo's Pagoda

Posted: April 19, 2017

Efforts to restore the full pagoda structure from the former Woo's Pagoda Restaurant will cease unless storage is found for the 18-foot structure by May 15.

Community members and businesses came together in May 2014 to remove the pagoda from the former Woo's Pagoda Restaurant which was demolished for new construction. The Chippewa Valley Museum took responsibility of the pagoda so that plans could be made to restore and display the structure in a public location. The 18-foot structure was placed on the grounds of Banbury Place because it could not fit inside the Chippewa Valley Museum.

The wooden pagoda, built over a steel frame, was constructed in 1959 on top of what was then Jimmy Woo's Restaurant. It was in fair to poor condition when it was removed from its original location in 2014. The Chippewa Valley Museum has been unable to locate an affordable indoor facility that can store the structure and its condition has continued to deteriorate. Local business Live In Eau Claire is able to take on the restoration project, but only if indoor storage is available. Without indoor storage, it is too expensive to restore the pagoda in its current location.

The Chippewa Valley Museum and Live In Eau Claire request community help to locate an indoor facility for the pagoda where it can be repaired. The facility needs to be located by May 15. After that date, the main pagoda structure will be dismantled and removed from Banbury Place. Efforts will shift to preserving the smaller top section of the pagoda which has been detached from the main structure.

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