Lidice Remembered Around the World


June 10, 1942, the village of Lidice in German-occupied Czechoslvakia was destroyed in reprisal for the assassination of Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich. German soldiers executed 173 men ages 15 and older and deported all 184 women and 88 children to the Chelmo extermination camp where they were gassed. The village was then burned to the ground. 

During World War II, Czech and Slovak Americans, including those living in Phillips, Wisconsins, still had deep ties to their homelands, having only lived in the U.S. for a generation or two. This book describes the lives and actions of those people around the world, even on distant shores, who felt so closely bound to their countrymen that they erected lasting monuments in memory of what happened at Lidice. A monument was erected in Phillips in memory of Lidice.

This book is dedicated to the people of Lidice and Lezaky and to all those around the world who remember them.

Author: Toni Brendel
Publisher: Penfield Books
Year: 2013
Pages: 66