Old Crows Hunting Club

The Old Crows Hunting Club chronicles 70 years of deer hunting exploits of a group of men and their offspring. Club members were from the Melville Irish Settlement, Lafayette Township, Chippewa County, Wisconsin. Early Club deer hunting trips were a big undertaking. A 10-day supply of food, tent, wood stove, axes and saws for gathering wood, baled straw for beds and the floor, bed clothes, hunting clothes, guns, kerosene, and lantern were all packed into the lumber wagon for their two-day trip. Tucked into a corner of the wagon would be Lee's homemade Snake Bite Oil, a mixture of "Mountain Dew" and maple syrup, for medicinal emergencies only of course.  

These hunters have all passed to the Great Beyond but their colorful stories told through the generations live on in the writings of Francis Gannon. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as he enjoyed telling them.
Author: Francis Gannon
Publisher: self-published
Year: 2010
Pages: 74