Wisconsin Farm Lore Kicking Cows, Giant Pumpkins & Other Takes from the Back Forty

It's well nigh impossible to break into Wisconsin's history without picking up some respectable dirt in the way of farm lore, country wisdom and undisputed records of agricultural prowess. And when it comes to the Badger State, few people are as familiar with the soil of its stories as Martin Hintz. In his company, tramp across cranberry bogs, study centuries of beer and cheese pairings and give an affectionate thump to a 1, 810.5-pound pumpkin. Discover variety beyond crops and livestock and share in the dedication that planted victory gardens during World War II and the unadulterated joy of sliding down a straw pile in threshing season.

Included in the book is a photo of Lars & Greta Anderson, owners of the Anderson Log House now on the grounds of Chippewa Valley Museum
Author: Martin Hintz
Publisher: The History Press
Year: 2012
Pages: 160