Where the Lilacs Grow: The Story of Happy Island and Old Meridean


By the 1870s, sawmills lined the shores of the Chippewa River, especially in the Eau Claire area. Downstream from Eau Claire and Porter’s Mills was another logging town, Meridean.  This logging town with close affiliations with the Eau Claire Lumber Company, now known as Old Meridean, came to be situated on an island in the Chippewa River. Happy Island was home to this logging town with several saw mills and eight farms.  “Where The Lilacs Grow:  The Story of Happy Island and Old Meridean” follows the history of this island from the days when Ojibwe and Dakota hunted there, to the days when the island boasted a small, lively lumbering town and farm community, to present day. Today, the people are gone and the town and farms have been replaced by a pine trees. 

Author: Jeanne Anderson
Publisher: Rooney Printing
Year: 2020
Pages: 266