Donate Items to the Chippea Valley Museum

Please call or email staff below before brining items to the museum. Most objects, photos, and stories in the museum’s collections have been donated by former and current residents. We look for items that have a local story, are unique to our collection, in good condition, and can safely be stored in our facilities. Donated materials are preserved in our climate controlled storage spaces for future generations and made accessible to the public for use in projects like exhibits.

Objects, Clothing, and 3 Dimensional Things

For questions about donating items to the Chippewa Valley Museum Collections, contact Diana Peterson, Curator of Collections at 715-834-7871 or email

Books, Photos, Maps, and Documents

For questions about donating items to the Glen Curtis Smoot Library and Archives at the Chippewa Valley Museum, contact the library at 715-834-7871 or