Collecting the Valley: Dressing for the Wedding

February 16th, 2021 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Online - Zoom | Location: Wisconsin

With 65 wedding dresses and 7 wedding suits in the museum’s collection, it’s clear that special care has been taken to save special clothing. Director Carrie Ronnander will weave social and fashion history together as she explores special clothing worn by men and women over the last 170 years. This is the first of three programs in the museum’s second Collecting the Valley series.

Also in Collecting the Valley Series 2:
• March 16th: Daily Life 50 Years Ago -  We’ll reflect on how life was different and the same fifty years ago using fun photos as well as museum objects.
• April 20th: The Lure of Fishing - Explore different types of fishing lures, the collectibility of lures, and how to make your own bait.

Things to Know:
• Program Package available to members for $15 (registered members will receive links to program recordings after the series concludes).
• Nonmembers can purchase individual virtual programs for $10. 
Link to program will be emailed to registrants Monday before the scheduled program.

Contact Angela with questions or to register by phone at  (715) 834-7871 |
 An internet connection is required to participate in this program.