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American Indians

The Ojibwe of WI

How were the Ojibwe affected by the policies of the federal government in the 1800s?

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Ojibwa Nation PowerPoint


What are Treaties?

What led to the treaties entered into by the Ojibwe?

Find more materials related to this lesson plan at the UWEC Center for History Teaching and Learning.

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What are Treaties PowerPoint

Foundational U.S. History

Dred Scott Timeline

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Dred Scott Decision

Why did the Dred Scott decision have a divisive effect on the United States?


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Compare the original concepts of those rights with contemporary views by examining applicable court cases, current newspaper articles, and adolescent fiction novels.



Declaration of Independence to the U.S. Constitution

What values are exhibited in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution and what contradictions existed in both?


Colonial Interests

What were the interests of the American colonies at the time of the Declaration of Independence, and how were these diverse interests reflected in the U.S. Constitution?

Civil War

To Be a Slave

How did it feel to be a slave and what were some things done to escape slavery?


A Country Divided

How did sectional differences during the Civil War influence how Americans viewed the Civil War/Reconstruction and the issues at stake?


Prelude to the Civil War

What caused the Civil War?

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Prelude to the Civil PowerPoint


Hudson Answers Call for Civil War Volunteers

What contributions were made by Hudson community members in the 19th century, particularly to the Civil War effort?


Civil War Wisconsin Soldier Research

How did Wisconsin soldiers contribute to the Civil War effort?


Women and Children of Wisconsin during the Civil War

What was life like for women and children from Wisconsin during the Civil War?

Progressive Era

U.S. Labor History

What can the folk song, "Which Side Are You On" teach us about the origins of labor organization in the United States?


Women's Suffrage Movement

How did the Seneca Falls Convention help lead to the gaining the vote for women a half a century later?


Voting Rights

Why do we call it the "right" to vote'?


Seneca Falls Convention

How did the efforts of suffragettes in the 19th and early 20th centuries positively affect us today?

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Seneca Falls Convention PowerPoint


Worker's News

How have the rights of workers changed over time?


Child Labor

Why did many children in the United States struggle under terrible labor conditions through the early 20th century?



American Indians

Foundational U.S. History

Civil War

Progressive Era

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