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Progressive Era

Fighting for Liberty Game

How did women's suffrage leaders successfully create the 19th Amendment?


The Development, Goals, and Results of American Labor Unions

Why did labor unions arise in the United States?


Labor Laws

From where did labor law protections we have today come?


Nineteenth Amendment: Fulfilling the Promise of Equality

How have our Constitutional amendments affected diverse groups of Americans today?

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Nineteenth Amendment PowerPoint


Women and the American Labor Force

What was the "place" of women and their "roles" in society prior to suffrage and the labor movement - as viewed by men and the law?

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Women and the American Labor Force PowerPoint


Growth of the Labor Movement in the United States

How have modern labor standards in the United States been achieved through the efforts of labor?


Comparing the Working Conditions of Women

What conditions existed as America industrialized and how is this connected to the labor movement?


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