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Civil War

The Antebellum Economies of the North and South

How were the North and South economically interdependent during the Antebellum Period?


Civil War Soldier Research

How did life change or stay the same in Wisconsin before, during and after the Civil War?


The Fugitive Slave Law and its Effects on Wisconsin History

Draw conclusions about the effects the law had on various groups of people (slaves, slave owners, slave catchers, abolitionists, average Americans, etc.).


The Significance of Dred Scott upon the Civil War

How did the Dred Scott case help push the United States toward the Civil War?


Economic Interdependence of the North and South

How did the North and South rely on each other to advance their economies?

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Economic Interdependence PowerPoint


Redemption in the Civil War and Reconstruction

What problems did the federal government face in legally enforcing 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment during Reconstruction?

How did the Supreme Court interpret the 14th Amendment during Reconstruction?


What Were They Thinking: A Carpet Bag Mystery

How would you "bind the wounds" of a war fought on such a personal level as the Civil War?

How effective would northern individuals be in assisting in the rebuilding of the south and the assimilation of 4 million former slaves?


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