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American Indians

American Indian Boarding Schools

What was life like at American Indian boarding schools?

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American Indian Boarding Schools PowerPoint


Wisconsin Ojibwe Reservations

Why were the Ojibwe moved onto reservations?

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Wisconsin Ojibwe PowerPoint


The Sandy Lake Massacre

How did the Indian nations of Wisconsin and the Midwest end up where they are today?

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Sandy Lake PowerPoint

Sandy Lake Worksheet

American Indian Removal PowerPoint


The American Indian Movement

What actions led to the creation of AIM and was AIM successful in its goals?

Find more materials related to this lesson plan at the UWEC Center for History Teaching and Learning.

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American Indian Movement PowerPoint


The Novitiate: A Lesson in Termination, Restoration, and Self-Determination

How did federal policies change Menominee history?

Foundational U.S. History

Origins of the Declaration of Independence

How was the Declaration of Independence similar to earlier documents?  How was it different?


The Road to the Constitutional Convention: Delegate Biography Tours using Google Earth

Who were the men who created the United States Constitution?


Rights Denied

Why do you think it has often taken our state and country a long time to grant people rights that other citizens hold? 


Wisconsin Turning Points: Explorers, Traders, and Settlers

How did land ordinances after the American Revolution change the country socially and economically? 


Bill of Rights Team Project

How does the Bill of Rights guard our freedoms?


The Great Correspondence Debate Prior to the American Revolution

Viewing history through the lens of American colonists at the time, should they have revolted against the British?

Civil War

The Antebellum Economies of the North and South

How were the North and South economically interdependent during the Antebellum Period?


Civil War Soldier Research

How did life change or stay the same in Wisconsin before, during and after the Civil War?


The Fugitive Slave Law and its Effects on Wisconsin History

Draw conclusions about the effects the law had on various groups of people (slaves, slave owners, slave catchers, abolitionists, average Americans, etc.).


The Significance of Dred Scott upon the Civil War

How did the Dred Scott case help push the United States toward the Civil War?


Economic Interdependence of the North and South

How did the North and South rely on each other to advance their economies?

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Economic Interdependence PowerPoint


Redemption in the Civil War and Reconstruction

What problems did the federal government face in legally enforcing 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment during Reconstruction?

How did the Supreme Court interpret the 14th Amendment during Reconstruction?


What Were They Thinking: A Carpet Bag Mystery

How would you "bind the wounds" of a war fought on such a personal level as the Civil War?

How effective would northern individuals be in assisting in the rebuilding of the south and the assimilation of 4 million former slaves?

Progressive Era

Fighting for Liberty Game

How did women's suffrage leaders successfully create the 19th Amendment?


The Development, Goals, and Results of American Labor Unions

Why did labor unions arise in the United States?


Labor Laws

From where did labor law protections we have today come?


Nineteenth Amendment: Fulfilling the Promise of Equality

How have our Constitutional amendments affected diverse groups of Americans today?

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Nineteenth Amendment PowerPoint


Women and the American Labor Force

What was the "place" of women and their "roles" in society prior to suffrage and the labor movement - as viewed by men and the law?

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Women and the American Labor Force PowerPoint


Growth of the Labor Movement in the United States

How have modern labor standards in the United States been achieved through the efforts of labor?


Comparing the Working Conditions of Women

What conditions existed as America industrialized and how is this connected to the labor movement?

Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Leader Farcebook Profiles

How were diverse civil rights reformers of the 19th and early 20th century connected?


The Dangers of Labeling

Why does intolerance arise and how can we learn from it?

Public History

Local Historical Marker Project

Why are historical markers significant to local Wisconsin history and how can they be used in the present?



American Indians

Foundational U.S. History

Civil War

Progressive Era

Civil Rights Movement

Public History

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